11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success!

A motivational speech from Jeevan about 11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success: He will be sharing the 11 most common sales mistakes that salespeople make that could prevent success. Not only that, he will be sharing some of the tips on how you can change your mistakes to win. So watch till the end […]

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A motivational speech from Jeevan about 11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success: He will be sharing the 11 most common sales mistakes that salespeople make that could prevent success. Not only that, he will be sharing some of the tips on how you can change your mistakes to win. So watch till the end to get the tips and learn from them!

Success comes from all your actions, the things you do, the things that push/make you go forward and get results. But sometimes, there are obstacles, and things that pull you back, something that holds you and stop you from success. And these are the mistakes that you keep making, keep repeating, and that can prevent you from being successful.

We’re just two months to go to the end of the year. Jeevan wants to make sure that you get out from there and don’t participate in these mistakes again. And to make sure that you are always on course, always flying, and thriving. Last but not least, I want to make sure you go all out, finish strong and win the games of 2021. Recharge and get back brilliant in 2022.

11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success:

1. Poor Rapport Building (trust and like)
• Poor rapport building is by not spending enough time and effort to build rapport. They were going rush in the sales, rush in the presentation, start explaining about the property, start talking about it and don’t sometimes invest in getting the buyer likes and trust you. What you need to do is actually to build trust. The vital key for this is “Trust and Like”. It helps people like you and trusts you, so people buy from people they like and trust.

2. Not Establishing Factors that Motivate A Person to Buy
• You need to know what was factors will motivate a person to buy this property. When you know these factors, you can work on these factors. For example, all of us have these specific things or reasons that drive us to buy something or the particular reasons why we buy something. And a salesperson needs to establish what those reasons are, what those factors are for the person, and what will motivate them to purchase the property.

• The Key is “Questions”. Get video teams and come out with a list of outstanding questions to ask prospects and establish the factors that can motivate them to buy this property from you. Once you know the factors that motivate the person, you can adjust the way you do your presentation accordingly as well.

3. Not Building Sufficient Value (around the company/the prospect or property that you sell)
• Not Building Sufficient Value assumes something would sell independently and don’t build value around it. They assume that customers are educated enough to know the value, and you can’t assume that customer already knows something about the product. If you don’t build value, it reduces the buying velocity (the speed and reach of someone buying something from you). You need to invest time to build a lot of value, explain many things for the prospect, talk about developers, talk about the past projects, talk about the benefits and features of this development, and talk about a lot of things.

4. Assuming Desire
• Many salespeople assume desire in the prospect, and they think the prospect has a strong passion for the product based on some of the questions prospectuses or may be based on somebody language and something like that. So never assume desire. You need to bring it out, and you need to know and generate that desire in the person. And you know the person quite desires for the property, when they start asking many questions, and the body language is powerful. So you know the desire is going up, and that’s great, but don’t assume it because sometimes a person will be asking a lot of questions is because they were comparing your product to another product.

5. Poor Objection Handling
• A typical salesperson’s mistake is assuming they can handle this objection, but they did not train for it. And poor objection handling can cost you sales, all the efforts you put in? You can lose it. Want to know what’s the main tips for these mistakes? To be brilliant on your objection handling? The answer is roleplay, and keep practising the method.

6. Lacking In Believe
• The income you earning right now, is matching your belief. Because you believe, that’s why you shouldn’t. And this is interesting because if you don’t change those beliefs, you continue earning in that income range. If you have to believe that’s how agents earned? That’s how you earn, and the belief is firm, guess what? You were going to earn that amount of money in your life. Until one day, you realize you could have changes to believe. All you’ve got to do is develop new references. All your believes have original/have sources in references. All your believes comes from your references.

7. Not Following Up
• Have no next step – when they see a prospect and don’t sell, they have no next step.
• Have no system – no system on how they will go about following up with the prospect.
• You want to ensure that you have a system and the next step because follow up is the golden skill.

8. Lack of Self-Analysis
• Sometimes, you don’t even know what your challenge is, what your issues are, what your weakness is. So lack of self-analysis can cost your sales. You must be able to have self-analysis. If you don’t have self-analysis, you are arrogant. Arrogance kills sales.

9. No Winning Habits
• If you don’t have habits that make you win, what chances do you have? It would help if you started having winning habits. If you want to master your field, you’ve got to master your winning habits. And what you need to do is stop focusing on developing bad habits and start developing winning habits.

10. Wrong Identity
• Who you are, how do you see yourself? That’s your identity. It would be best if you started developing a new identity. How did you see yourself in IQI? Pick some powerful identity and hold it, manifest it and become a master of that identity.

11. None Supportive Environment
• “People” and “things” make up your environments. So many people put themselves in very non-supportive environments. You need to create an environment that supports your success. Look at your environment and surroundings now. Is everything surrounding you is supportive you to success? Not? Then starts cleans things up, organize things better, make you some better people, and get some new friends. Lastly, create an environment that will make you thrive.

Jeevan – 11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success
Jeevan – 11 Sales Mistakes that Prevent Sales Success