Internet Marketing 360

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Why are you here today? Learning this course will help you to develop a success mindset, learning a simple technique to get clients through social media, sales-oriented technique for persuasion & conversion.

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An average customer needs to see a product almost 10 times before buying. Before a customer purchases a product, they will survey and talk to a lot of people to determine if the product is worth it. It is imperative for businesses to bring the right audience to the right products. Learn how to get the right message to the right people and discover a way to nurture the relationship with the potential customers.

Main Features

  • Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing
  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Marketing Funneling System
  • Email marketing

Who is the target audience?

For those of you who have a product, but lack the marketing skills. For those of you who have marketing skills, but lack profitable products to sell. Or for those of you just wish to double your income, but don’t know how?

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Internet Marketing 360 by Adrian Seow

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