Project Coach Projects – Mutiara Hilltop by Lennard (ENG)

This course is a sharing from Lennard from IQI about project briefings, Mutiara Hilltop. He will be sharing much of the valuable information and going through deep explanations about this project, which can benefit all of you. By the end of this course, you’ll know better about this project and make it easier for you to share with your clients and sell them.

Some of the topics discussed are the project details (site area, land use, tenure, total units, etc.). Besides that, he will show you the information on the building layouts (facilities available for this project, which floor facilities have, etc.) and explain to you thoroughly the type of layouts available for this project together with VR videos that Lennard will share in this session more clearly and concisely.

Last but not least, he’ll show you this project’s actual locations thoroughly. You’ll also know the place of this project much better with what’s convenient nearby. And not only that, but he will also go through and explain more details about the FAQ, summary and building plan like the car park and site plan that can help you sell this project. Don’t miss this out. Take this opportunity to gain more knowledge!

Project Briefing – Mutiara Hilltop by Lennard
34 minutes