REN Empowerment Module (REM): Appointment Meeting

In this course, Desmond will be talking about how to make a successful appointment meeting to potential clients. One of the major pain points that many real estate professionals faced is that clients will have a last minute cancellation and accordingly not show up to the show room meeting.

Desmond Siew from Team Success One will be explaining how you can overcome this situation and leave a long lasting impression to your prospective clients.

Main Features

  • Greeting and showing enthusiasm
  • Feature Benefit Advantage and Testimonial
  • Personal Branding
  • Create urgency
  • Follow up and add value
  • Thank your customer for showing up/ after purchase
  • Never give up and keep trying
  • Consistency

Who is the target audience?

Real estate professionals who are interested in improving their appointment-setting skills and also those who are trying to lower down the no-show ratio of prospective clients.

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