Self Leadership for Success

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Why are you here today? Learning this course will help you to develop a success mindset, learning a simple technique to get clients through social media, sales-oriented technique for persuasion & conversion.

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In this lesson Jeevan Sahadevan teaches us how to become leaders in life. We are so focused on becoming leaders that we don’t often think about how we can lead ourselves to achieve our goals and reach our targets. If you can lead yourself well, only then can you lead others.

The lesson will discuss three LRP’s or Leadership Reflection Points which are:
• You can only turn something around if you can turn around who you are in the midst of it.
• Champions go to the top with or without the approval of others. Those who walk on water never ask those still sitting in the boat why they should.
• Get ruthless about shrinking the amount time that you have to be stuck.

Main Features

  • Knowing yourself
  • Growing yourself
  • Sharing
  • Taking care of yourself

Who is the target audience?

This course is a motivational course for anyone who wishes to lead themselves and their lives toward success and the accomplishment of their goals, objectives and targets. Leadership begins with ourselves and in that manner we can practice what we preach.

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Self Leadership for Success by Jeevan Sahadevan