REN Refresher Course

In this course, Ms Lynder Mhelly guides us through an intensive and complete guide to the important policies and procedures at IQI, while sharing the latest procedures, forms, letters, agreements, advertisement and marketing material, Key IQI Personnel, updates and much more.

This is a truly important course that will ensure increased productivity and easier access for all IQI REN.

In this course also, Ms.Lynder will covers the ethics and standard of conduct set by the Malaysian real estate board that will help real estate negotiators present themselves professionally while avoiding common mistakes. The course will allow REN’s to thrive and reduce their margin of error. They will also grasp a complete understanding of all elements involved, such as documents, legal and stamping fees, co-agency, loan applications and everything a real estate negotiator needs in their Arsenal to begin selling.

By mastering these policies and standards of conduct, REN’s can avoid misrepresenting the company, their clients or themselves when advertising/marketing properties, while ensuring that their clients are satisfied throughout the procedures.

Main Features

  • 10 Standards set by Malaysian Real Estate Board
  • Common Mistakes
  • Types of Agency Appointment
  • Fees and Taxes
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Co-Agency
  • Client’s Account
  • Attitude and Professional Attributes
  • Types of Documents
  • Stamping
  • Bank Loan Application
  • Sales Timeline

Who is the target audience?

This course is targeted towards any new or existing REN to learn and brush up on their knowledge of the regulations set by the real estate board of Malaysia, while enabling them to remain professional, cultivate a network of satisfied clients and avoid common mistakes.

Starting lesson

Complete Guide to IQI Policies and Procedures
IQI REN Ethics and Conduct
Project Processes (Eng)

In this video, we will explain about the processes for Project Sales.

Project Processes (CN)

In this video, we will explain about the processes for Project Sales.

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